About us

At Interiors570 we have years of combined experience in the trade of industry with one of the best and qualified Design & Planning specialists, highly skilled Craftsmen, Production staff and last but not least fully committed Project Managers to bring the best value to the projects we take responsibility of, for money of the products and services we provide. We always highlight our high unbeatable quality, which is second to none in the market, with choices more than anyone in the UK, project management services, all accompanied by extremely reasonable prices.


“Concept to Completion…All by one company”

You can benefit from our exclusive range, professional and efficient service with incredible savings on our products including top-brand appliances and accessories. With Interiors570 you won’t have to compromise on quality, service or design to make your well deserved new project affordable.

From the very first visit by our project managers to the last Quality Controlled Survey, we efficiently & professionally deal with every phase of the project cycle.

Our Vision:

“Making our home improvement projects affordable without any compromise on Quality, Choice & Service”.

In our books, we all deserves a high end residential lifestyle, unfortunately, inflated market prices and adverse economical conditions do not allow them to, that’s where we come in to serve you…

As Simple as it sounds…

“Your satisfaction is our success”

Our Pride

“Voted the Best quality and price in the UK by our clients.”

Interiors570 is one of UK’s leading and fastest growing Home Improvement Company, offering services for all sectors of your home in one company. We are the pioneers of many good ideas and practices, which have been introduced in the industry and it is due to our wealth of experience and complete understanding of this huge industry that our brand is expanding every year and we have achieved a respectable rank in the trade.

Our Goals 

Our goal is to provide the Top quality Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms beating High Price Tags to as many homes as possible.

Unfortunately, finding the finest quality kitchen in best/ lowest prices possible is not as easy as finding the cheapest kitchens, just like buying a car, kitchens also vary in various quality and obviously in search of saving money usually ends up in a false selection for the most important part of your home. As kitchen is not only the place where you spend most time of your day but it also increases the property value to a big margin.

Nowadays in the race to offer the lowest prices in market, companies are manufacturing the cheapest quality and sacrificed the durable quality.

This vital point has been taken as the company motto and worked on by Interiors570 team. We are proud that based on the finest quality, we offer the most reasonable prices possible with a challenge to beat any quote accordingly.