How to find your type of kitchen Design

How to find your type of kitchen Design

Due to such vast market of interior designing, where almost every next month, many new designs are introduced to the market, a market which is equally important to the tradesman as to the customer. Interior designing may be the only market which is reviewed not only by the person who is ready to buy a product but also a hobby for most of the intelligent ladies and gents, who like to stay updated with latest ideas in the market and seeking ways to avail them in the least budget.

As we all know that Kitchen is the heart of a house and it also pays a vital role in the property value, above all this is the place where families spend most of their time together, therefore this part of the house take most of the attention and time, specially at the time of house development.

One of the most complicated things is to understand is

  • what is the latest market trend
  • colour combination
  • design type which would suit your practical needs
  • which appliance to place where
  • above all best price to find our chosen design type

Now the question is, how to save time in choosing the best design and understanding what type would fit the best in practicality. As though there are many sub categories but eventually, all subcategories fall into these 3 stated main categories. We hope this short article would clear your view to understand the types of designs in the market sold with their companies own confusing names, to stand different than others, but also to help you chose best suitable category for your beloved home.

As discussed in most of our blogs, the priority is to choose the best product within your budget, ideally. Kindly check our other blogs on to understand how to make your shopping easy and ways to find the best product in lowest prices possible.

  1. Traditional Type

This type of kitchens shows its elegance and beauty by its old school design; the designer would work on a strong build kitchen style, prominent and shaped cornice and pelmet. Doors are shaker style or 5 piece with traditional handles. Hob is replaced with a traditional free standing cooker and chimney area is designed to match the kitchen door material by using the kitchen door pattern on panels.

Wall colour reflects the traditional look and ceiling stands out with its classic prominent texture whereas floor takes most of the attention by giving a pure feel of tradition.

  1. Contemporary Type

This type of kitchens normally reflects the latest design in the market, these days you would see them in handle less jay pull doors in high gloss or matt colour, if with handles then latest delicate style thin handle bars are common in this kitchen type. Hobs are normally electric or gas based on clients preferences and appliances are integrated.

Contemporary kitchens show their delicacies by designing ideas of new era, shaker style doors are also common but with latest colours possible normally in matt, as matt always stands out in shaker style. Colours used are unique and fall in various combination categories. Walls, ceiling and floor is chosen on the latest styles and material.


  1. American Style

This design can only come in Bespoke made to measure style as the wall units are usually touching the ceiling, for example if ceiling is 2600mm high then wall units would be 1040 mm tall with 100 mm of scribe to give it a nice clean finish till the top.

Another commonly used point in this design is the alignment of American fridge and freezer with the larder units next to it. Two larder units are aligned with an American fridge and by an addition of a bridging unit on top of the American fringe. Giving the whole kitchen a very unique made to measure look.

It can be designed in 1, 2 or 3 colour combinations, as it is a total bespoke design hence any right colour combination would make it stand out amongst any other style.  It is said that due to its high end look, the price is always high and small and medium class can hardly bear the investment to entertain their selves with such a luxurious quality and design.

One of the most appealing point of this type is the maximum storage space utilization due to its bespoke kitchen units, which are made in such measurements, that each and every corner is utilized properly, keeping in mind both design and practicality.

As though it sounds really impossible to get a bespoke kitchen with in the most reasonable prices, but there is good news for everyone, Interiors570 can now help any client to get American design, company’s talented project managers and designer team can find a way out to deliver the best possible prices in best possible design.

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