How to get Quality kitchen and wardrobes in affordable prices

How to get Quality kitchen and wardrobes in affordable prices

Every buyer wants to get the top quality in as low prices as possible, hence forth they spend lots of time on market research, it is just like enrolling yourself to a Masters degree course, INVEST TIME = SAVE MONEY,

facing all these force selling businesses with false promises.

Understanding the product quality difference and market price analysis.

Seems like never ending visits to show rooms, to understand everything in a very short period of time.

No matter how experienced you are in buying or negotiation there is set percentage of time to invest in understanding everything, yet most fall into the trap of so called brand names and end up paying huge amount of money for a budget quality.

Question that comes to mind is, can there be any company which can make things easier for the customer? Save their time and energy with their honest dealing offering reasonable pricing and quality?

Getting Best of Both Worlds, low price and top end German quality seems almost impossible, at the time, when companies are selling cheapest quality product with 6mm to 8mm carcass back on as much prices as they want and as the buyer do not know the difference between a top quality (18mm solid carcass back/ top end quality doors) and cheap quality (6-8mm fragile carcass back / standard door quality), few crocodiles just abuse the innocence of buyer and charge as much as they can get hold of. How insane.

So what is the Solution?

A company which can offer German quality product in most reasonable prices. Mind does not accept if any company would take the initiative to help the client save huge lump of money, above all, at the time when they really need it.



Interiors 570 is there to help those who want to enjoy top quality in most reasonable prices, Our services not only cover those who spend £100,000 on one kitchen to those who spend £5,000 or low.

        Sounds impossible

It is simple, email any national retailer’s quotation to and after a market check on the given project, we will try to BEAT the quote to as reasonable margin as possible, the target is to offer as high quality in as affordable prices as possible.

Now everyone can enjoy the best quality product based on their budget. Time has come to put an end to all those marketing tactics, which are there just to charge 10 times more money than the actual product value.

The categories offered can be illustrated in 2 simple categories

  • Like to Like

Email the quotation to from any national retailer and get a reply back in 3 working days with the best reasonable price possible, offering a better price with a like to like option ( in most cases even better quality).

  • Made to measure

Interiors 570 ltd’s unique blend of German quality kitchens in bespoke American designs, utilizing the maximum space of your kitchen with measurement in millimetres by our highly skilled designers and project managers, giving it as high end design as possible.

As the units are all bespoke hence we are not bound to follow any standard design in market, unlike most of the standard retail companies which try to persuade you to follow the same standard design and sizes (720 to 900mm wall units) and using big panels of fillers to cover their standard sizes.

Interiors 570 limited offers a complete tailored kitchen, made especially on your chosen colour and design for your home, to give you a personal luxurious feeling every time you look at it, a signature of uniqueness. The motto of Interiors 570 ltd is to offer the as reasonable price as possible in the market, to support our customers and help them to save their hard earned money, hence why, we offer a price beat promise, as long as you email the received quotation to our skilled administration will start working on your project to not only help you save as much money as possible but also to chip in with their ideas to make your design stand out with uniqueness.

Now all you have to do is to send us your received quote with design, or book an appointment, it’s a win win situation, with a potential to save a reasonable amount of money…………..  Nothing to lose.

Note: We do not believe in force selling and non of our designer or project manager is trained to follow up clients to get business. Your first design is absolutely free of cost, if interested then you can contact us to proceed with the order, so feel free to contact us for further information.

Utilise the opportunity now and

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Book an appointment for a quick survey at

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