How Kitchen companies charge you high

How Kitchen companies charge you high

“SECRETS NO ONE WILL TELL YOU!!! How Kitchen companies charge you high”

There is a sales competition going on in between agents, when a client enters a showroom, agents see him as another chicken entering by itself with a confident red comb, towards the trap set by the business tycoon, who is sitting enjoying somewhere in a beach making sure his servants at the store work will full dedication to fulfil his luxurious needs.

This is where the time stops in the showroom and agent would start judging the client, understanding his scale of financial stability. Customer is walking with pride thinking he is fully prepared for any situation, obviously this customer thinks of himself a master of negotiation and attitude comes with a thorough market research, No mister sales person can charge me high today.

On the other hand, the sales agent has already taken in the spirit of Mr Jordan Balfort, all he has to do is throw a “sell a pen” pitch, same old script, they know exactly what he is going to ask and what question will come after what expression. The agent is focused fully on this confident chicken for these few moments, as if his whole life will be scanned in few steps, by the way he walks, moves his comb, feathers and tail or looks around with a stiff neck.

Agents smiles whilst thinking “ From deep down inside we know you are shivering Mr. customer, rather than buying with pride, coming with a request to get charged with as less as possible. We are in full control”.

There is always a sales competition in between agents, there is a prize for the best performer and it is set for a reason, they charge you not on your chosen product but on your buying capacity, regardless of your product and market knowledge, which obviously is impossible to gather in few months of continuous research, even if someone is confident in their market research then it is even easier to close them on higher rates as the sales agent is trained to answer all your questions as scripted by the authorities.

     Now what is the game plan.

Common Marketing strategy to pull you towards nicely made showrooms with lowest offered price on website, reason is attraction towards the advert and to beat a market competition. Who would say no, the price is declared lowest it is clear and obvious. You get passed the first step, you make up your mind to go to their business premises.

Now the real game starts

Agent approaches the chicken with a big smile, bombarded with a list of question to understand which category does the customer fall in. Remember they come across many like you on daily basis, agent simply wants to sacrifice another chicken and move on, but wait, there is process to follow, henceforth a chair is offered to sit comfortably in front of a computer screen, drink is asked, these are all rituals which are mandatory for the slaughter ritual, no one gives a dam about it in sales world.

Customer is asked about the kitchen or bedroom measurements for an approximate plan, product type showed and chosen, now they know where your interest lies and how much you can pay. Chicken is now ready for the sacrifice. They offer highest price knowing client will negotiate, if not then even better, client confidently starts negotiating, unaware of the fact that the prices were already set high due to the predicted negotiating phase and after some time spent on negotiating Client agrees to pay for the very ordinary and standard quality product.

Even if client moves away to another company, the same ritual is repeated, remember they all follow the same pattern and no matter how competitive they are to each other, they stand for the same reason against the customer.

And if client shows them the offered kitchen package on website, they agree same price but without end panels, plinths, scribe etc which are mandatory parts of a kitchen.

Persuasion and sales skills play a vital role at this stage, as by the terms, kitchen is called a complete functional kitchen even without these vital additions, certainly it will not look good as panels and plinths cover the naked different coloured carcass. Client does not have any other option but to agree for approx 15 to 20% higher price than stated on their website. Client ends up paying more than expected but the worst thing is no one know the finest quality that can be bought for the same price spend for very ordinary quality kitchen and wardrobes.

Can only big brands sitting in central London offer German quality product with 100 times more the price then standard stores like wren, magnet etc, can everybody not get the finest German quality product in the lowest price?

Next step. Choose your appliances where they keep their commission from the third party and charge you higher than online market, from where you can buy the same appliances with discount vouchers way less than standard market price.

Accessories play another vital part to chip in to their profit margin like magic corners and cutlery tray etc. All these bits and pieces will increase the cost of the same displayed ordinary standard product so high that you end up paying 10 times higher the actual cost of the shown product.

Above all, Pay all of the money upfront. Why would they compromise, you are just a customer to them, all those smiles, warmth, comfort and trust was for their own benefit. There is no way any company will show leniency on such subjects.  Payment must be cleared before 24 days of dispatch date.

What can you do when these businesses have set up this whole system on their terms, prices and product type? What can you do to escape such situation, no matter being competitors to each other these companies still stand for the same interest, how can a customer find the quality type good enough to balance their hard earned invested money.

     There is a solution now….

 Interiors 570 ltd stands with pride to offer its honest service to clients who seek finest quality within reasonable budget. The company is set in such a way that the production cost in most of the year’s time is dropped down so low that rather than increasing the profit margin to itself, the company prefers to drop down the kitchen prices and transfer the benefits to those who want to buy the finest quality in the market in very reasonable and affordable prices.


Interiors 570 has also introduced few categories to help all buyer types.

  • Budget        = Mostly used for commercial orders or where budget plays a vital role.

  • Standard    = Standard sizes of units to beat any quote with reasonable margin and preferably better quality from wren, magnet, howden, etc

  • Bespoke     = All made to measure sizes to utilize maximum space for storage keeping in mind the high end design, with over 60,000 combinations.

We certainly have taken the initiative to bring a big change in the market, not only by offering finest quality in the market but with in the most reasonable prices. Try us, there is nothing to lose if you email your received quote at

If you have not received a quote then simply book an appointment by calling at


We are certain that like all our customers, you will be appreciated for taking this action. Hope our efforts will help you save your hard earned money, as any amount saved is better used on your family.

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