Lacquered Kitchen

Lacquered Kitchen Doors – High Gloss, Matt, Textured Matt & Metallic Finishes

Interiors 570 Lacquered kitchen doors are modern, elegant doors which will give your kitchen touch of luxury and style.

Premium Lacquered Kitchen Doors Collection

Our standard colour pallet consists of 27 different colours that are available in four different lacquered finishes

High Gloss Lacquered

High gloss lacquered doors have a glass like finish that creates beautiful reflections and shine.

Matt Lacquered

Subtle muted matt lacquered finish creates kitchens rich in quality and elegance. Finish of non-reflective nature and fine definition.

Matt Textured Lacquered

Matt textured finish creates kitchen door surface that has visible texture and slight raw finish.

Metallic Lacquered

Kitchen door finish that combined high gloss reflective surface combined with small metallic particles that create exclusive and premium look.

How Lacquered Kitchen Doors are Made?

Lacquered kitchen doors are manufactured by repeatedly spraying a coloured lacquer to all doors. We apply numbers of coats for extreme durability and beautiful finish. This is achieved by using robotic technology to spray coat the doors five times with high pressure.

The repeated coating of the doors create pure dept to your chosen colour, finer coats produces an extremely smooth surface finish, with mirror reflections and ultimate high gloss finish or in matt finish.

Lacquered doors require low maintenance, easy to clean with only warm water and soft and non abrasive cloth.

Made to Measure & 24 Different Door Styles

All of our lacquered kitchen doors are truly bespoke made to order.

Made to measure element allows our customers utilise any space, and to have any desire design.

Interiors 570 lacquered kitchen doors are available in huge range of different and unique styles.

Our lacquered collection consists of modern, traditional and textured door styles which can be combine to create unique kitchen.