Project Management


What is Project Management for us?

At Interiors 570 we make sure to provide you a professional service, all you have to do is Sit back and relax.

Fitting kitchens, bedrooms, study rooms, bathrooms and living rooms can be a very stressful and tiring process, even worst if it is your first time, as most of the people are unaware of how to handle the situation. These projects pass through several steps from the very planning and designing to the last bit of fitting and quality control survey.

But the GOOD NEWS IS ....... when you buy from us, we don’t just sell a product and move away, we accept it as a Project and aim for a successful completion. Our company appoints a Project manager for this task, a professional and skilled manager who has successfully managed many of similar projects like yours up till desired completion.

Unlike others, our project management team is more than just false promises. Our customer satisfaction is our primary goal, hence, a project manager is involved from the very beginning of the project to the very end of installation, which is a real and only definition of Project management for us.


These days, when companies do promise you of project management, they only mean few calls or max one or two quick visits to site by inexperienced staff. Everyone is there to tick daily task box and move on to the next, leaving customer alone to deal with the problem. Most of the customers who come to us face very poor project management from other companies.

Luckily our project management is task oriented and not just lubricate talks and false promises, We put our customers at utmost priority and ease with minimal involvement from beginning to end, making sure the completion is a hassle free process.

Contentment and Perfection

In order to maintain the high quality service, our experienced project managers only take limited work that can be finished in the best way possible, we don’t believe in over work over load, which ends up in failure. The key is to keep it less and focus for perfection.