Small tips can often make a huge difference in end results; they can make ordinary stuff look extra ordinary. Keeping in mind the importance of small ideas, we are trying to help our viewers get the best out of their kitchen area, to make the offered design look better than expected.

  1. Light effect

Most of the clients completely ignore the importance of light in your kitchen area, if brightness is kept under control based on mod light can bring a serious change.

For example using dimmable lights for ceiling can balance your mood equally as not always one would like to sit in full brightness, having dimmable led light option is not only economical but also can bring a huge change in environment.

Have RGB (Red Green and Blue) Strip light for plinth section of your kitchen, it would change the whole colour effect, specially in high gloss slab doors, and if you are choosing a light colour for example white or cream then definitely one can experience a huge difference every time you change the colours.

Get either spot or strip lights for wall units in combination to plinth lights, placing them under the wall units would help you see clearly, whilst working on worktop at night times but also change in colour would give a nice change in style

Some customers prefer to have lights in wall units for a different look but that is entirely up to the client’s preference.

  1. Hob on Island

Having Hob (electric or gas) on island with either extended or integrated extractor next to hob not only gives a high end touch but also provides plenty of worktop space.

The latest designs introduced are having sink and hob in the same island with at least 350mm distance or more. It also gives a bigger kitchen look than actual size.


  1. Bespoke units Around American Fridge

American fridge which is 900mm wide and 1700 to 1800 high always intimidate the kitchen area with its luxurious presence, having two larder units right next to each other with one unit having the integrated appliances like micro wave and oven, it can make an appealing design by making their presence far more dominating than a standard fridge standing at a corner.

Putting a bridging unit on top of the American fridge aligns the larder units, One of the major reasons of using bespoke bridging and larder units is to create maximum storage space and if you choose American style then certainly the tall wall units will increase the space to almost double the actual size.


  1. Magic Corner Units

Having magic corner units and pull out units for both base and larder units is a very handy idea not only to increase the storage space but also to prevent back ache due to its smart functionality, there are now many types of magic corner units, few can be seen on


  1. Walk in Cupboards

Increase the storage space if you have good budget to spend, you must utilize the corners of kitchen area with walk in cupboards, it would not only organize all the stuff but also give a nice tidy classy look to the kitchen


  1. Colour Combinations

Having two colours of either same family for example light and dark grey, where light colour goes to handle less high gloss lacquered doors and dark grey goes to scribe/ cornice and plinth with end panels, would give a designer look.

This style is most common in American bespoke style. Extreme contrast colours are also very appealing makes the kitchen stand out, based on ones favourite colours it would be a design changing option.


  1. Water Fall

Based on the budget, having the waterfall from quartz, granite or wood by combining two materials would always show its uniqueness, for example wooden waterfall on quartz island worktop.

Hope the stated tips would help you understand the new treds and an idea to stand out with your kitchen design.

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